Until a few years ago, the autonomous house was a different way of life, often reserved for the ecological elite with a different conception of the habitat and to live better and healthier.
Today, the partial or complete autonomy of their future real estate projects will become a norm to comply with the planet.

The new European Energy Standards link global warming and the positive political ambitions that encourage us to change our pattern of energy consumption for the future of our children and the planet.

With regards to the various European countries, there are many official aids in the form of tax credits and grants. We therefor recommend that you consult the public administration of the country in question.

Some years ago, the investment of a semi-autonomous 100% autonomous version was difficult to understand, because the costs of the materials and the design of the buildings were not planned for this purpose.

You must understand the operating process, to be able to see your future energy bills reduced by more than 80% or 100%, and thus get a very fast return

How to understand it:

To make your investment profitable, it will also be necessary to change your energy consumption mode and direct it towards a passive construction. It is strongly recommended to opt for a passive bioclimatic construction.

BBC : Construction with low energy consumption, which means strengthening the insulation , walls, windows, floor, roof, lack of thermal bridges, controlled ventilation, etc.

Bioclimatism: environment + orientation + ecological habitat.