Design and project plan:

Our team will propose several types of projects with approaches that fit your expectations and your budget.

You can also have the villa of your choice extracted from a photo or image at your disposal or the choice of an independent architect project from our company.


You will be sent an estimate for the different elements, with different solutions and a complete description to quantify and detail. You will be able to evaluate the different solutions and constructive details, so that in some cases we can make modifications if necessary.
For an accurate assessment, we will carry out the different technical studies. From a soil study, to calculate the structure, to a thermal study of solar orientation, etc.

Application for building permit:

Once the plans and specifications are validated by the client, the payment terms established, the sales contract validates and the various technical studies carried out, our firm of architects will perform the various administrative procedures for the presentation of the construction permit and for the concession of constructive license.

Start of work:

After obtaining the construction permit, all the works will be launched.

Follow-up of the work:

Our team will perform a daily check to monitor the progress of the work and organize a weekly meeting on site with the owner, to present the evolution of the work. In case of meeting not being possible, he will send you an illustrated report with photos.

End of work:

Before handing over the keys, all works will be reviewed, a complete inventory of the accessories will be made and a report of the end of the works will be sent with all the administrative documents.


Complete lands including vrd, and establish the connections of light and water.
Provide access to different places. Passages, terrace, access to the garage and entrance to the house


Our three types of support bases.
– Sanitary slab isolated directly on the natural floor
– Air sanitary slab
– Full cellars with stairs and waterproofing


Structure and full wood panelling from our own manufacture treated in factory. Class 2 and class 4 insulation of the walls and full roof made of wood wool or fiberglass or wood fibre 100 mm acoustic insulation of internal partitions.


The choice of self-leveling will depend on the function performed. The most common is that we use traditional liquid solids or anhydrite. Depending on the case, we will also use floating screeds in case of thermal or acoustic insulation


Choice of terracotta tiles, flat roof or roof waterproofing. Different systems will be proposed according to your requirements and standards to be used

Covers and channels.

In your choice, we will work copper, stainless steel or with zinc pre-painted in the color of your choice


Choice of extra flat or Italian bath, shower with glass partition, extra large shower heads, as well as all types of washbasins with or without furniture. Suspended or standard toilet, with or without bidets, with a wide selection of branded faucets.


The heating and air conditioning system will be studied according to your request. Hydraulic floor heaters, geothermal, aerothermy, heat pump, condensing gas boiler, electric boiler, wood or pellet stove, gas installation and any kind of chimney,


Given the large number of possibilities and the use of photovoltaic energy.
Our services will carry out a complete study to calculate best the economic profitability of your future installation


Double glazed (4-18-4) or triple glazed reinforced air tightness for sliding doors, insulated and motorized blinds on all windows, possibility to choose between PVC, aluminium, or wood for interiors and exterior aluminium guard , wood , aluminium, steel or stainless steel with integrated laminated glazing or vertical and horizontal wiring.


Wooden floor adapted to the under floor heating in the rooms, wooden interior doors with sealing tape, staircase and railing in wood, aluminium, steel, granite, suspended, turning ¼ or ½ turn, etc. spiral…


Complete electrical installation according to the regulations in force. Access from the street to the installation of electrical panels, switches and plug, home automation, satellite television, internet, telephone, outdoor lighting, etc.


We dominate all forms of decoration. exterior paintings and plastering, as well as all the possibilities of exterior coating of composite wood, natural wood teak, etc.


A great option and possibility will be at your disposal for your interior decoration with any type of paint or plaster.


The exterior design, such as partitions, all types of grid pavements, portals, motorized sectional garage door, landscaping, palm trees, olive trees, etc.
Various types of pool, concrete lining, mosaic, , jacuzzi, salt water, fresh water, natural and ecological pool, as well as all Hi- Tec innovations.