The type of roof will be chosen by the client, depending on the type of home they choose.

The type of roof structure will be optional, and at your choice.

The types of structure used remains identical to the traditional roofs that exist in the market. The different types of roofs will of course be subject to study the regulations of the different municipalities.

Ecco-casas will adapt according to these criteria respecting the principle of ecologically responsible construction.

Traditional roof:

Flat roof:

Flat roof plant:

These roofs significantly improve the thermal, acoustic and hygrometric comfort of the buildings thanks to the thermal inertia, which allows to realize important energy savings. The rooftop function allows a double benefit.

In Summer:
A roof covering exposed to the sun can reach a surface temperature of 65 ° C, while the roof covered with plants, maintains a temperature between 15 and 20 ° C. The temperature of the roof influences the interior temperature of a house and therefore, the need for air conditioning is lower

In winter:
A roof covered with plants and their growing medium (a plant floor) also significantly reduces heat loss in winter.

Green roofs also provide protection against thermal shock (eg, cold rain, snow in contact with hot roofs)
These combined actions allow us to expect an equivalent life of 30 to 50 years for the vegetal roof.
Green roofs reduce temperature variations, saving energy consumption for heating or air conditioning by up to 50%.

Thanks to its elasticity, it will never let cracks appear on the walls and
will allow aesthetic finishes of high quality. It will also be possible to mix different types of finish in the same building (coating and plaster, etc.).