For the two previous cases, you can also choose between our three types of finishes:


Key on hand:

This is a complete service in which the client is accompanied throughout the construction project. This type of service is used more frequently by clients who do not know the procedures for building their home, are very busy professionally, or those who reside far from their new property.


Ready to decorate:

This is a turn-key service in which the client can eliminate decorative construction elements, such as paint, tiles, toilets, decorative elements, etc. The house is delivered with the facilities, enclosure, self-levelling floor, in the absence of solar plating and painting.
It is a kind of a la carte service.


Out of the water / Out of the air / Partitions:

The house is delivered closed and covered. This type of service is usually chosen by professionals, such as an architect or developer. It is also chosen by the self-builder or individual with sufficient training in the field. Without facilities.
Real estate that has its own industrialists.


The ECCO-PLUS package The Council will accompany you during your first steps:

The land:

Before going to purchase your land, we can accompany you in the following steps:
° Estimation of the land through a market study of the environment.
° Verification, buildability, planning permission, etc.
° Access and channelling
° Accessibility to nearby energies (electricity, gas, internet, etc.)
° Solar positioning.
° Nature of buildable land.
° Legalization and permits (design, M2 construction, etc …)