Factory assembly:

Factory assembly:

The assembly and design of the panels is carried out in the factory, as well as the reinstallation of the various elements that make up the panel, such as electricity channels, ventilation and heating ducts, electric shutters and windows and advanced wall finishes. In some cases the exterior is already completely finished, if the choice of finish refers to a wood covering or similar.

Once finished, the panels are loaded onto the truck and delivered directly to the site to proceed with the assembly installation

Installation on the site:

Different types of assembly are used, depending on the model of the house, size / weight, architecture and possible difficulties in accessing the land.
The house can be delivered already assembled, ready to be installed on its support base. In the case where the house is too big for a single trip, it can also be installed in two or three parts in the form of modules. For the large dwellings or different heights, the assembly will be delivered in panels and the assembly will be carried out directly on the site.

One piece assembly

By modules:

Panel mounting:

Our assembly system allows us to complete installation, closing the housing of air and water, depending on the type of assembly and the size of the building, in between 2 and 10 days.
A house of two levels, of more than 150 m2 has an installation time of between 4 and 6 weeks, at the most, to be able to enter to live in your house completely finished.

Before undertaking this type of work it will be important that the site of placement is accessible to the different transport units, for assembly and delivery.

Il sera important avant d’entreprendre ce genre de travaux, que le site de montage peut être accessible aux différents engins de transport pour le montage et la livraison.