The calculation of the price of your future construction will be determined according to the construction criteria that you will choose.

Over the years, in order to remain competitive in the market, we have been able to manage our internal operations and our purchases of materials, in order to guarantee the best value for money, and respect for all the essential construction stages for the good quality of execution. All our projects are unique and customize the criteria and budgets of our clients because our philosophy is to study all projects, from the smallest to the most expensive.
Our basic tariff benefits vary from the cost of life inflation and the increase in raw materials that will be valued once a year.

For all other rates, it will depend solely on your choices, your criteria, requirements, energy value, architectural design and your whims, making it difficult to give you an exact price.


To give you an idea of our pricing, we communicate a base rate for our three types of services

WITHOUT AIR AND WATER: from € 480.00 to € 700.00 M2. Habitable

READY TO DECORATE                 : FROM 700,00€ TO 2000,00€ M2 habitable

KEY IN HAND:                      : FROM 950,00€ TO 3000,00€ M2 habitable

Our prices do not include VAT

To know exactly the price of your future home, we advise you to make an appointment with one of our advisors who will be responsible for studying the feasibility of your projects.

All queries for the study of the project and calculation of the price that you request, will be completely free for our future clients.

The cost of specific studies that require the intervention of calculation of structures, architect or engineer will be included in the price of the future construction projects if it is specified with Ecco-Casas

You will be given an estimate for the specific studies required. In cases where you do not want to specify with Ecco-Casas, these studies will be the responsibility of the client.