Any type of house can be transformed into a semi-autonomous house or 100% autonomous thanks to our manufacturing system.

Our passive 100% recyclable bioclimatic manufacturing design can be adapted to all types of land and municipal regulations. Our houses can be dismantled or transported because of our new anchoring system to the ground. This allows us to expand the possibilities of settlements in natural areas, rustic land and areas without light and water supplies.

This same procedure is also used to add modules or additional rooms in their gardens, such as an office or an outdoor living room, without having to necessarily use the wheels of the presentation, construction permits and architects.


Electricity :

A semi-autonomous version :

This is a home connected to the public electricity networks, together with a photovoltaic amplifier to have a high energy power and a very low bill to quickly monetize the initial investment. It is also possible to store the excess energy in batteries. You will be informed of an accurate study to make the best use of your investment.

100% autonomous version:

The house is self-sufficient in terms of electricity. Electricity accumulates according to the amount of solar radiation, without connection to the public network. With good sizing of the equipment and a backup system by means of a generator, you can enjoy a really clean and durable electricity. It is also possible to couple the system by wind reinforcement in case of the region having insufficient solar radiation.


To be autonomous or semi-autonomous in drinking water, there is a different solution:

100% Autonomy

– Rainwater recovery
– Use of water from a well
– The waters of natural sources
– Some river waters can also be used

Semi Autonomy

– Delivery of water by tank truck and conversation in domestic tank.

The semi-autonomous version is a widely used solution in countries with high temperatures or where rainwater is rare. In this case the water is transported in tanks and delivered already refined, but it is preferable to provide a filtration for greater safety.

Make your drinking water

To date there are many water filtration systems along with the UVC system to make your drinking water


There are different ways to treat wastewater.

Natural spreading:

you can use a natural filtration system in the form of propagation in your garden that requires a space of approximately 150m2, in this case it will be necessary to use a dry toilet.

Ecco-Casas recommends the Micro-purification station as an ecological solution as the complex does not use chemical products to treat the water.
The first phase of a micro purification is in the first compartment. Pre-treatment, primary sedimentation and anaerobic treatment allows the degradation of suspended solids, the retention of floating elements and the homogenization of pollutants.
The second phase consists of material treatment.
The third phase is known as “clarification” or secondary settlement. Before the purified water is released into the natural environment. It is subject to a final decanting, the clarification that separates the mud from the water.