Wood is a highly insulating material, combined with high-performance thermal insulation. This insulation is very effective in the construction of wooden frame structures.
Wood is, on average, 7 times more insulating than concrete.
Well designed, a wooden house has undeniable thermal insulation qualities that can increase comfort and savings on electricity bills.
Building a wooden house can save you a lot of money on your electricity bill for heating and air conditioning.
Although installing additional insulation to our homes can be more expensive, (See graph in the section of energy saving).

the subsequent savings in the costs of consumption, heating and air conditioning, etc., can reach up to 80%.

Solid :

The high mechanical strength of the wood, combined with its lightness, has made it the material of choice used for centuries for the execution of load-bearing structures of buildings, regardless of the composition of its walls.

The proof of solidity of wooden constructions is more than demonstrable.

As a result, the wood in the construction allows more possibilities
in the architectural creation.

Durable :

The perfect preservation of the old houses of structure and latticework, dating back several centuries, even poorly maintained, testifies to this.
Today, moreover, forests are treated and implemented according to strict standards.
Sustainability is guaranteed. We can say that a wooden house of our time is eternal.


Building in wood can store carbon!
For example:
The CO² stored in the structure of a wooden house can neutralize the annual CO² emissions of 5 cars.
When building in wood, you will have the pleasure of living in a different and comfortable house that is efficient in energy, while you have the satisfaction of making your contribution in the fight against the greenhouse effect and climate change.


The wood used comes from forests managed in a sustainable way, under ecological PEFC certification.

PEFC Certification (Forest Certification Recognition Program)

guarantees consumers that the wood they buy comes from sustainably managed forests.

The energy used to produce, transport and process 1 m3 of wood is significantly less than that used for all other construction materials.
The preservation treatments comply with specific standards and are subject to systematic controls.
This material comes from the purest growth: air, water and sun


The wooden house is healthier as it regulates the humidity of the interior air of the house and creates a dryer and more comfortable environment.
Wood is a hygroscopic material.
We feel a sense of calm and well being.
This is not an illusion; the wood meets the benefits of a noble material.
Wood is permeable to cosmic and telluric radiation. It is beneficial for human health.
It is said in the Scandinavian countries: “If the doctor can not do anything for you, live in a wooden house!”


It recognizes the performance of acoustic insulation of wood, reflection or absorbing sound waves.
That is why it is common in the construction of auditoriums, theatres and is the material used for many musical instruments. Wood lives! It vibrates!
In the wooden house, the framing technique facilitates acoustic correction and insulation.


Statistics show that houses with wooden frames are no more flammable than traditional houses.
Wood, unlike other materials, is fire resistant Its combustion is predictable and controllable.
Are fire doors of large buildings not made of wood?
In fact, when the flames attack the wood, it is consumed slowly and retains its mechanical qualities for longer.
Fire-fighters can intervene in a building with a wooden structure In addition, some new fire stations are built with wood…
A wooden house is secured in the same way as a traditional house with no premium charge.

Quick construction:

The wooden frame is a construction method, which does not require drying time, so it does not require any wait before finishing.
With fast finishing the wooden frame house reduces part of the loan repayment period and the rent payment.


The structure of a wooden house does not require maintenance.
There is no need for maintenance due to the sun’s action on natural wood and the special treatment applied to it.
In the same way, if you require a colored wood, with the special colouring products that we apply, they do not require any maintenance.


La construction à ossature bois est souple et modulable.
The construction of the wooden frame is flexible and manageable.
An extension or a possible transformation to a house with a wooden structure can be carried out without any problem. There is nothing simpler and faster than implanting a new module or room, adding or removing walls, etc.
The wooden house can adapt to the needs of the moment and expand according to the growth of the family.

Good investment:

While in all high-income countries, such as the United States, Canada and Scandinavia, more than 90% of households are made of wood
It is no coincidence that the inhabitants of these countries seek quality of life above all!
If Spaniards have forgotten, for more than a century the construction in wood, now they will rediscover the advantages and comfort of living in a wooden house.
As you can see, all the lights are green for the wooden house today. Practical, ecological, aesthetic and comfortable, with many advantages over a traditional house. Here is an alternative not to neglect when implementing a real estate project.
Energy certificate:
This diagnosis will determine the quality and energy consumption, as well as the CO2 emissions of your home

The DPE for real estate must have four parts:

The DPE for real estate must have four parts:
• Annual energy consumption expressed in kWh and euros;
• Positioning in primary energy consumption / m2 / year and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) / m2 / year;
• Description of the facilities: the frame (vertical walls, windows, doors, roof and floor) and systems (heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling).
• Recommendations for energy improvements.

ECCO-CASAS will guide you, so that your future investment of your home is revalued over time. Our construction technology associated with advanced thermal studies will bring an immediate added value, estimated between 5% and 15%, and more than 30 % after ten years.